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With regard to the art project energyinart bioenergy|info|network|art the bio-energy region of Bayreuth plans to stimulate a critical, constructive and inspiring artistic debate on the topic of energy transition. At the same time, by means of specific projects, it is planned to develop and harness the regional bio-energy potential as far as the requirements of environmental protection, sustainability and social acceptability allow.

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energyinart thus forms the connecting element in an overall concept for environmentally and socially acceptable use of the regional bio-energy potential. While the specialist projects form the content basis for the artistic debate, the energy art projects act as the source of inspiration and creative motor. They tap into new target groups and provide for high media attention.
The overriding objectives of the bio-energy region are to:

  • increase regional value creation through concrete measures to develop potential and improve efficiency of use
  • avoid conflict in the context of bio-energy generation
  • increase awareness, improve information and export knowledge.
It is intended to achieve the objectives via the following specialist projects, some of which will be realised in co-operation with the twin region Zweckverband Müllverwertung Schwandorf.

Bayreuth Bio-Energy-Region: Objectives

01 Umbrella project energy-in-art 

02 Set-up and operation of a bio-waste fermentation plant, generation of bio-methane and high quality fertilizer [financing not via BMELV]

03 Model project "Arranging site selection for the bio-waste-fermentation plant"

04 Development of a bio-energy information module as part of a planned information centre 

05 Increase in efficiency of bio-energy plants through mini-ORC

06 Preparation of further scenery plans and development of specific bio-energy potential in the "scenery plan municipalities" 

07 Creation of agricultural model cultivation areas for permanent energy crops with accompanying consulting

08 Development of the communal information system into a pilot platform "Dialogue and information and project management"

09 Bio-energy training for students
10 Bio-energy symposium

11 REGECON modelling of energy crop growth depending on economic and climatic factors [financing not via BMELV]